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I am trying to read this Hi.txt file that I earlier created on the console but instead of just taking the values from it I'm attempting to add the index value next to it using the enumerate function. (Let's assume that the text file has 3 elements in it).

with open('Hi.txt','r') as hello:

    x =


From my knowledge, this code will repeat for those elements in that txt file like so:




However, when I try something similar to this:

with open('Hi.txt','r') as hello:

    x =

    for i,v in enumerate(x,1):


It prints out every character one by one.

The output:

1 Dave

2 Jack

3 Mary

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You need to enumerate the file handle itself:

with open('/Hi.txt','r') as hello:

    for i,v in enumerate(hello,1):

        print(i,v, end="")

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