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What is the difference between Log stash and Kafka? Which one is better and how?

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  •     Kafka is used in real-time streaming data architectures for providing real-time analytics.
  •     Kafka is a scalable, durable, fast and fault tolerant publish-subsribe messaging system
  •     Kafka has higher throughput, replication and reliability characteristics.
  •     Kafka can be used as an input plugin
  •     Kafka can work with Spark Streaming, Flume/Flafka, Storm,  Flink, HBase and Spark
  •     Kafka is powerful than Logstash.


  •     Logstash is an open-source, data processing pipeline that allows to collect data from a number of resources, transform it and send it on the desired location
  •     Logstash is a tool to collect, process and forward events and log messages.
  •     It has pre-built filters to transform common data-types, indexing them in elastic-search and start querying without building the custom data transformation pipelines
  •     It has flexible plugin architecture with over 200 plugins available on Github. You can also create one if none suits your requirements.

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