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Why DevOps is better than Agile?

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DevOps allows you to incorporate various practices in the business to achieve quicker delivery, faster automation, better security, agility, and to serve the customers better. It maintains flow between the operations team and the development team in order to execute code faster, automate the test, and provide results continuously. It helps organizations in getting a better knowledge of the application complexity, reaching more customers, and getting faster feedback.

What to learn more differences between Agile & DevOps? Read on Agile vs DevOps.

Agile, however, has a more redundant approach to build a product. It divides the entire work into small segments and tasks. It generally involves the client while developing the product. It focuses on delivering the software on time. It takes feedback from the clients to make improvements in the software product.

Some of the benefits of DevOps over Agile are as follows:

  • Provides quicker solutions
  • Gives better performance
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of the business
  • Makes room for continuous improvement
  • Provides better customer experience
  • Reduces rollbacks and failures
  • Provides a faster return on investment

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Also, watch this comprehensive YouTube tutorial about DevOps and Agile:

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