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A very simple question:
Why would someone use the Azure Scheduler if Azure WebJobs are free?

I couldn't find any topic regarding "azure webjobs vs azure scheduler"

The main difference is that the webjob contains everything that the scheduler can do:

  • Scheduler can make HTTP calls
  • WebJob can do that and more (run SQL commands, etc)

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  1. Continuous jobs are monitored, and if they exit they are re-executed. In this way they act more like "services" in your local machine. There is a module that monitors and keeps your app working. Always-ON is a feature that will help your site stay alive and hence, your webjobs to continuously run.

  2. Scheduler is used to trigger the webjobs. It uses the scheduler user account (not the back-end account). This way you can move out of the free tier for scheduler, sign up to higher tiers to suit your needs. But essentially, all the scheduler is doing is hitting an https endpoint (which is public, but required your auth).

  3. Triggered jobs (scheduled and on demand) are invoked by an https call. These calls are load balanced - much in the same way that a web app with many instances is load balanced. Continuous jobs run concurrently by default, but can be set to be a singleton.

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