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We have one project which has files shared across several others so the maven compile for that project creates a .jar file. When I compile the micro services on my laptop, they each have a dependency on the jar file in my repo. And they pick up the related dependency and the Maven build.​

But, the code build pipeline does not maintain a local repo. So when I try to do “mvn clean install” on each micro service they cannot locate shared.jar and the build fails.​

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Have a separate pipeline to build the dependency which deploys it to an Azure feed:


        - name: mavenRepoURL

          value: ''

        - task: DownloadSecureFile@1

          name: mvnSettings

          displayName: 'Download Maven settings'


            secureFile: 'maven-azuredevops-settings.xml'

        - task: MavenAuthenticate@0

          displayName: Maven Authenticate Artifacts


            artifactsFeeds: 'myfeed'

        - task: Maven@3


            mavenPomFile: 'pom.xml'

            options: '-X -B -s $(mvnSettings.secureFilePath) -DWHERE="AzureDevops" -DremoteRepositories=$(mavenRepoUrl) clean deploy -U'

            mavenAuthenticateFeed: true

            publishJUnitResults: true

            testResultsFiles: '**/TEST-*.xml'

Add dependency to pom for the project using it as normal and with Azure feed configured as well






























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