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What is Azure Developer - How to become an Azure Developer?

What is Azure Developer - How to become an Azure Developer?

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Who is an Azure Developer?

Microsoft Azure is a public Cloud Computing service, where various levels of application development go through. An Azure Developer is one who creates cloud-based applications making use of the benefits of the cloud architecture. If you are proficient in testing, security, development, and deployment, then a career in Azure development is somewhere you will fit in well.

Next topic that you will come across in this ‘What is Azure Developer – How to become an Azure Developer?’ blog is why you should become an Azure Developer.

Why become an Azure Developer?

It makes perfect sense to upskill yourself in a certain direction if the market shows high employment potential for the set of skills required for it. Such is the demand for Azure Developers today. As per predictions, 80 percent of businesses will move their workload to the cloud by 2025, thus, making it a major career to consider transitioning to.

Now that you have come across the reasons why you must learn Azure, you will learn about the skills required in this profession in this extensive blog on ‘What is Azure Developer?’

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Azure Developer Skills Required

Transitioning to any new field demands one to sit down and acquire the necessary skill sets to meet the roles and responsibilities of the job. You can obtain these in our Azure Developer certification course. It expects the candidate to have knowledge in certain fundamental areas and also competence in some specific skills.

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Fundamental Skillsets: The Necessary Conditions

As per the Azure Developer job description, you must have the skills mentioned below:

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft products such as Office 365, PowerShell, etc. is expected as the apps are integrated with Azure.
  • A developer with some programming background, especially in languages such as JavaScript, SQL, and HTML, is preferred as the work involves app development.
  • Adequate dexterity in Cloud Computing is a major requirement. Experience in Google Cloud or AWS will suffice if not in Azure.

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Specific Skillsets

Skillsets to become an Azure Developer
  • Resource optimization: Azure pricing is based on the usage of its services, and organizations migrate to the cloud for cutting costs. Hence, good developers keep the cost in mind while utilizing the resources provided by the cloud.
  • Scripting environment: In order to access the environment, Azure Developers script them using code. This results in easy recreation of the environment in the events of disaster or updating of the infrastructure.
  • Scalability of data and applications: As both data and applications are required to be flexible, Azure Developers need to learn how to scale these. This will accommodate better storage, processing power, changes in usage and demand, etc.
  • Planning for unpredictability: It is not possible to predict the future. However, developers can plan for it by anticipating all possible problems and devising custom-made solutions.
  • Choice of services: There are over 90 odd services provided by Azure to help developers get their apps up and running. The developers should be tech-savvy enough to know what consumers need and be vigilant enough to drive the business forward.

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Certifications Required to Become an Azure Developer

There are numerous Azure Developer certifications that can help you bag an Azure Developer job faster. Certification in any technology distinguishes your profile from the rest of the herd. It shows the world that you have the necessary skills and potential to excel in the field. This sets you apart from other candidates who just have vague experience in the prospective field of development using cloud technology.

Microsoft is also providing certifications for those who want to be an Azure Developer. Most companies provide in-house upskilling programs, within the framework of which developers can stay up-to-date on their knowledge level. But if your company is not using Azure or is not planning to in the near future, then the next best option could be to get certified by third-party providers. Intellipaat, the leading e-learning portal of the day, provides such courses on various platforms.

This way your skills get more marketable by making you a complete and competent Azure Architect. You will get hands-on experience on real-world projects in AZ-103, AZ-203, AZ-300, and AZ-301.

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How do Azure Certifications prepare you for the real world?

The Microsoft Azure Developercertificationswill upskill and test your abilities for:

  • Azure cloud model development
  • Azure storage development
  • Creating and implementing security features for cloud solutions
  • Building cloud integration solutions
  • Azure PaaS and IaaS development
  • Development of cognitive services, Azure bot, and IoT services
  • Resolution and optimization of solutions

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Azure Developer as a Job Role

Apart from the above-mentioned abilities, the job includes responsibilities like testing of applications; maintaining, developing, and deploying them on Azure; participating in all phases of development, and having the ability to work side-by-side with cloud administrators, clients, and cloud architects.

Now that you have learned about the roles and responsibilities of Azure Developers in this ‘What is Azure Developer – How to become an Azure Developer?’ blog, let’s discuss the salary earned by professionals in this domain.

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Azure Developer Salary Range

Azure Developer Salary Range

This is one of the star attractions of this job profile. In the United States, on average, an Azure Developer gets paid US$132,148 per annum. However, for an entry-level developer, it is US$97,000. Whereas in India, the salary offered ranges from 7 to 25 lakhs/annum.

Now that you understand how rewarding a career in Azure development is with the help of this Azure Developer guide, why wait? Click on the link above and get started with your Azure career without further delay. You can also take up a Microsoft Azure free certification course and learn more about technology that has made major improvements in the cloud area.

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