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The MySQL database hangs, due to some of my queries.

How to find my processes and kill them?

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Yes, there are lots of things, but there isn't one "Standard" COM/DCOM. At least, in Windows, COM / DCOM is used by the "Windowsish" stuff, and other RPC mechanisms are used by un-"Windowsish" stuff.

Linux doesn't have anything like that, instead things which need higher level RPC protocols typically use whatever their language provides, or the specific library that best suits an app's needs. Examples would be RMI in Java, Python's "pyro" module, etc, which will provide (some) functional parity with DCOM.

Corba is a bit heavyweight but some people do use it.

A lot of applications roll their RPC libraries. Don't do that unless you have to, it's nasty.

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