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Could someone tell me what makes Selenium unique from other automation tools?

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Selenium is unique from other automation tools as it provides a host of benefits when compared to other tools present in the industry. Some of the features highlighted are:

  1. Selenium is open-source and free software and thus has strong community support.
  2. You need not be an expert in multiple programming languages to automate the testing, as with Selenium, it supports multiple languages like Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc.
  3. It’s compatible with every OS.
  4. Among all the tools it packs, it has Selenium-Grid which facilitates distributed test execution which thereby saves time to complete a test pass.
  5. It also has integration for open-source frameworks like TestNG, JUnit, etc. 

And there are many more features that make this automated web applications testing framework superior and unique among all the other frameworks. If you are wishing to learn Selenium from the basic to advanced level and get certified for the same, then I would recommend you to take up the Selenium training course of 45hrs with 72hrs of projects which are real-life and exercises to help you get the clarity of concepts required.

Do watch our YouTube video on Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial for Beginners to get going.

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