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How is Python used in automation testing other than in Selenium?

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There is a lot of stuff by which Python can help you in automating tasks some of them are as follows:-

  1. Setting up environments for tests,

  2. Preparing test data,

  3. Analyzing data,

  4. Extracting performance data, etc...  However, if you are going to use it extensively I would watch out which version you use. The language has been improved in version 3, but it is not backwards compatible with version 2.

  5. There are a lot of cool third party open source projects which use version 2 and but some have not been updated to use version 3.

If you want to learn Selenium then you must have a look at the following Selenium training course. I am also mentioning a video tutorial on Python and Selenium which you would like to watch to get the concepts of it. 

Selenium Video:

Python Video:

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