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I tried to run a simple c++ Azure pipeline on a self-hosted windows computer

This is what I face

##[warning]An image label with the label Weltgeist does not exist.

,##[error]The remote provider was unable to process the request.

Pool: Azure Pipelines

Image: Weltgeist

Started: Today at 10:16 p.m.

Duration: 14m 23s

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Try as below:


- master


  name: Default


   - agent.name -equals Weltgeist


- script: |

    mkdir build

    g++ -o ./build/hello-world.exe ./src/hello-world.cpp

  displayName: 'Run a build script'

- script: |

    cd build


    cd ..

  displayName: 'Run Display task'

- script: |

    rm -r build

  displayName: 'Clean task'

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