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Could someone tell me how to prepare for the Salesforce admin interview?

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Once you pass the exam of Salesforce admin that is Salesforce Administration certification (ADM 201), you are entitled to a Salesforce Admin interview. If you pass the Salesforce Admin interview, you are certified as Salesforce certified Administrator.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a Salesforce admin interview:

  • Join any a good training course that is designed in industry-standards, to help you ace the exam.
  • Then once you pass the exam focus on preparing for the interview, by researching about Salesforce, and gather details about the company, key people, their milestones, different reviews about the company, your job description, their work culture, their mission and vision, and the aspect which you like the most or are excited about.
  • Go through their extensive study guides like Trailblazer moment, Salesforce Ohana culture, and Trailhead and understand them.
  • List out various interview questions and the technicality relating to your profession.
  • Once you do all these you are in better shape for the interview. If you are preparing for the Salesforce Admin interview, then check out our blog post on top Salesforce Admin interview questions and Intellipaat’s Salesforce certification program which provides online training modules with several real-life guided projects and exercises to help you gain the required practical exposure.

Meanwhile, I would recommend you to have a visual understanding through our video on Salesforce Admin Interview Questions and Answers - For Freshers & Experienced.

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