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Could someone tell me should I study data science or artificial intelligence?

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The answer to should I study data science or artificial intelligence varies from individual to individual. Some candidates are passionate about the data and the various methods to uncover many insights from a set of data. For them, the ideal career is Data Science.

And the next set of fellows might love imparting intelligence to machines or any systems to help them discover something new or help them reduce their repetitive work to allow them to focus on more important or creative tasks. These candidates would prosper better if they choose artificial intelligence as their career.

Data Science and artificial intelligence both are cutting-edge technologies that are helping to accelerate the pace of development. Artificial Intelligence is still at very early stages compared to Data Science.

If you are interested in learning artificial intelligence or data science, then check out either an Artificial intelligence course or a Data Science course.

Also, if you wish to know more, then take a look at our YouTube video on Which Career is better Artificial Intelligence or Data Science.

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