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Which is better Data Science or Artificial Intelligence?

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Data Science (DS) is a widely used technology that has taken over various industries. It involves various fields of Mathematics, Statistics, and programming along with Artificial Intelligence concepts. The process of data science consists of a number of steps including extraction, visualization, maintenance, and manipulation of data. These processes help Data Scientists to predict the future of the business enterprise. These enterprises need Data Scientists to make informed business decisions and suggest changes that can improve the organization’s performance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that gives machines the ability to think and react similarly to humans. It is used to simulate human intelligence in machines so that tasks that previously required human interference can now be performed by machines. It makes use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms in order to achieve its goal. AI helps machines use various software to understand the data patterns and help in solving business problems.

Data Science allows you to analyze and visualize the data while Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that is used to create machines that have the capability to mimic human actions. Data Science involves various data operations, consists of both structured and unstructured data types, use R, Python, SAS, TensorFlow, and SPSS and is used in the field of advertising and marketing. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, implements only Machine Learning algorithms, consists of standardized data in vectors, uses tools like Kaffe, Mahout, and PyTorch and is used in the field of automation, transport, robotics, and healthcare.

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