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Could someone explain the differences between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes?

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Both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are open-source orchestration platforms that provide almost similar features. Kubernetes is developed by Google and Docker Swarm is developed by Docker Inc.

The major differences between Docker Swarm and Kubernetes are:

  • Kubernetes helps in deploying applications by operating through a combination of services or microservices, pods, and deployments. Kubernetes is like an all-in-one package which makes it a complex system as it offers a very strong guarantee about the state of the cluster and set of APIs. And all these processes make it slow to function and operate. Kubernetes is preferred for heavy working environments by many high-tech corporations which allows various services and supports demands with more complexities.
  • Whereas, Docker Swarm could be deployed as services or micro-services in a Swarm cluster. Docker Swarm doesn’t offer all-in-one package and thus offers faster reaction time for scaling on-demand. Docker Swarm is a boon for developers who are looking for easy installation and prefer faster deployments and simplicity.

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