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 have a very simple requirement. The screenshot shows a webpage with ediatble “UPC” fields. Currently we sometimes delete duplicate UPC’s by manually searching with Ctrl + F and deleting the highlighted field.

What I am looking for is the method to search and delete using Ctrl + f in UiPath. I know that Ctrl + F can be invoked using send hotkey option. But what I want to understand is how to do the remaining part of deleting the highlighted cell value post the Ctrl + F?

How can i do this with UiPath?

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instead of using Ctlr +F use this method you can use this method

  1. Scrape the data using Data Scraping wizard.
  2. Iterate and find duplicates
  3. Use UI Explorer - selector to find duplicates
  4. Clear text in the duplicate cells
  5. Click Update.

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