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I have created a calculated field identify between weekday/weekend


    DATENAME('weekday', [Date]) = "Saturday"

OR DATENAME('weekday', [Date]) = "Sunday"
 THEN "Weekend" 

For day calculation

IF [Day] = 'Weekday'
THEN [Number of Records]/22

[Number of Records]/8 

END )) 

Average Calculation:

[Number of Records] * 1.2 > [Average]


[Number of Records] * 0.8 < [Average] 

I am getting some wrong calculations based upon the above calculations 

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The average calculation should look like this:

{FIXED [Day]: AVG([Sales])}

Outlinear Calculation:

[Sales] > 1.2 * [Average] OR [Sales] < 0.8 * [Average] 

If you want to check more about calculated fields then learn Tableau

Also, do watch the YouTube video given below to get started with Tableau training.


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