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My code is:

my_name = 'Zed A. Shaw'

my_age = 35 # not a lie

my_height = 74 # inches

my_weight = 180 #lbs

my_eyes = 'Blue'

my_teeth = 'White'

my_hair = 'Brown'

print(f"Let's talk about {my_name}.")

print(f"He's {my_height} inches tall.")

print(f"He's {my_weight} pounds heavy.")

print("Actually that's not too heavy.")

print(f"He's got {my_eyes} eyes and {my_hair} hair.")

print(f"His teeth are usually {my_teeth} depending on the coffee.")

When I am executing the above code, I am getting an error message:

File "/Users/permanentmajority/Desktop/Coding/", line 75

    print(f"Let's talk about {my_name}.")


SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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I believe that you are having an old version of python that is why you are getting this error. Try upgrading to the latest version of python. Please be informed that the F-string literals have been added to python after python 3.6. 

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