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Could someone tell me why do A.I. projects fail?

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A.I. is a booming domain and a vast number of companies are jumping into this new and exciting field where they are hoping to save their money, make profits and reduce redundant efforts. A.I. is now used in almost every type of industry from healthcare, transportation to education, finance, etc.

A.I. is developing very rapidly and that means the majority of developments are taking place at a very fast pace. Companies that invest a huge amount of money into the A.I. project expect a higher return of ROI. But often their A.I. project fails. So, let's discuss why do AI projects fail:

  • Lack of experience data scientist.
  • Absence of an appropriate data strategy.
  • Lack of effective communication between business leaders and data scientist.
  • Sometimes lofty objectives are put in place, that maybe more expensive, time-consuming, or complex to achieve.
  • The majority of the models are not deployed and hence miss out on crucial data.
  • With rising expense, business leaders take conservative approach.

Like these, there are many aspects of why an A.I. project fails. If you are planning to get certified in A.I., I would recommend you to take up the Artificial Intelligence course from Intellipaat.

Also, check out our YouTube video on Artificial Intelligence Project from our experts.

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