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I am attempting to show a .png file I developed using the following 

import pydot, StringIO

dot_data = StringIO.StringIO() 

tree.export_graphviz( clf, out_file = dot_data,    

feature_names =['age', 'sex', 'first_class', 'second_class', 'third_class'])

graph = pydot.graph_from_dot_data( dot_data.getvalue())


from IPython.core.display import Image

Image( filename ='titanic.png')

I have never done this and would value your help. 

I attempted the following however no error nor .png are shown.

from PIL import Image

image ="titanic.png")

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You can try using matplotlib to diplay it. Try the below code:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import matplotlib.image as mpimg

img = mpimg.imread('file-name.png')


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