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How does a Data Scientist differ from a Machine Learning Engineer?Which profile is better?

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Data Science involves massive amounts of data and this data is then passed through various Machine Learning algorithms and techniques. Machine Learning could be considered a subset of Data Science in a way but also, it entails much more than that. Machine Learning provides techniques that facilitate data extraction and also employ various methods to learn from the data. Well-defined algorithms then allow future trend predictions from the data.

Traditional ML had its foundations around discovering trends and patterns and extracting insights from the available data. Data Science, on the other hand, requires knowledge of mathematics and statistics aside from subject expertise. These three are the cornerstones of the Data Science domain. 

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 Data Scientist Average Salary

  • US$122,579 p.a. is the average salary of a Data Scientist in the US - Indeed

  • The average salary of a Data Scientist in India is ₹990,000 per year - Glassdoor

 Machine Learning Engineer Average Salary 

  • Machine Learning Engineers in the US earn about US$149,847 per year - Indeed

  • Machine Learning Engineers in India earn about ₹1,165,000 p.a - Glassdoor

Looking at it, both are well-paying fields and the salaries also depend on a number of factors like experience and the skillsets.

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