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Could anyone tell me the differences between 'Computer Vision' and 'Machine Learning'?

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Artificial Intelligence covers a wide range of technologies including Machine Vision and Computer Vision. These two technologies play significant roles in the current market world and have their own set of similarities and differences. Before learning about the differences between them, you will learn about some of their similarities.

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Both these technologies include interpretations and ingestion of visual data inputs which is why it is necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies to make the most out of them when the situation occurs. Moreover, they use image analysis and capturing in order to perform numerous tasks with accuracy and speed. 

After learning about their similarities, let’s learn about some of the differences between the two technologies. Computer Vision is the automation of image capture and processing that mainly focuses on image analysis. In simple terms, it is used to see, process, and offer significant outcomes on the basis of observation.  Machine Vision, on the other hand, uses Computer Vision methods and techniques in an industrialized environment.

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