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What is AI, and why is it not just a technology?

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At this point, I would find no argument that AI is currently a technology at all.

Yes, it is making progress, and yes it has fantastic potential, but it’s far from a developed technology!

Based upon the consumer applications, we have barely achieved artificial stupidity.

But no matter what technology is, it remains a tool and nothing more. 

Like language, writing and computers this one permits (or will permit) us to preserve information of all sorts with far more detail than ever before in a format accessible to everyone with minimal training.

Proper AI permits us to turn huge numbers of boring but critical jobs over to machines. 

For the first time in our history, we are on the verge of allowing every human to do what they desire, rather than spending their lives in jobs they hate merely to survive! We have worked towards this moment for millennia! Having the time and resources to live as we please and create as we please!


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