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Can I learn AI and Robotics both?

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It is possible to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI) without having to learn robotics. Robotics is an IT field that focuses on working with physical robots. In simple words, robots are machines that can be programmed in such a way that the machines can carry out a set of instructions and perform specific actions semi-autonomously or autonomously. Three significant factors that make a robot are as follows:

  • It is programmable
  • It is generally semi-autonomous or autonomous
  • It makes use of actuators and sensors to interact with the real world

Robots are generally autonomous, but not always, Telerobots are robots that are controlled by humans however, it is still a branch of robotics. While some robots are given the ability to think, others are not. Autonomous robots have the power to think and perform business tasks and are called intelligent robots while those like Telerobots are not intelligent robots.

Though Robotics is a significant part of Artificial Intelligence, it is not necessary for you to learn robotics while learning AI. AI is a field of computer science that requires professionals to build programs that help machines complete tasks that earlier needed human intelligence. Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence can deal with learning, problem-solving, perception, logical reasoning, etc.

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Also, you must watch this video to gain more knowledge of Artificial Intelligence:

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