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I have read a lot about how blockchain could be implemented for other technologies other than crypto currencies. I did some research on how to create a fork (build your own) blockchain but they were for creating your own alternative currencies. I was wondering if this community would know or could point me in the right direction as to creating a blockchain that would be used for record keeping.

I have a background in development coding and I have studied solidity in parallel with the ethereum blockchain. I have forked the go-ethereum source code and built it out on an ubuntu virtual machine. However, I am finding it hard to find discussions on creating blockchains for record purposes. I have found online articles on the concept of using blockchain technology for record keeping but finding a hard time on how to kick start this project. Would I have to build a blockchain and use code to build a user interface to interact with it and instead of sending transactions to the block chain, find other data input to send to the blockchain?

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There are 2 ways to create a blockchain for record-keeping. 

  • Use a Blockchain that exists. The best type of blockchain network that you can leverage for record-keeping is Ethereum. Today, numerous users use the Ethereum network for record-keeping. However, you must know that you might have to pay for some Ethers. Provenance is an example that is used for record-keeping.
  • Create your own Blockchain. In this case, use the Hyperledger Fabric. With Fabric, you can create a private Blockchain and moreover you control the access into it. You can also deploy the Smart Contracts that you require.

In either case, deploy your own Smart Contract. Define your code, and then define an interface for invoking your Blockchain.

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