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Is AI killing the jobs? If yes, how? And how could it be improved?

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The loss of jobs due to the advancement of technology is one of history’s inevitabilities. Look at how many people were employed in the farming sector in the early 20th century compared to today.

While AI has the potential to displace far more jobs, and this absolutely seems scary, a more useful avenue of attack, so to speak, would be to acknowledge what needs to be done to make sure that, when AI replaces a huge number of jobs, most of the human interests rather than a small number of people that own all the robots.

AI displacing mechanics is inevitable. But needing to work to have a living isn’t. This is why people are taking the idea of something like a Universal Basic Income far more seriously because it’s conceivable that technology will be able to automate essentially every task that humans do nowadays within the next few decades.

Lobbying for strong social safety nets, then, is one of the best bets against an oligarchical dystopian hell-future.

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