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Could someone tell me what are the best courses/materials to study data science/machine learning from among so many options on the web?

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If you are a beginner and just starting out, I would recommend checking out all the resources online. There are many online blogs, tutorials, downloadable materials, e-books, etc. available for free that you could lookup. But, instead of randomly picking tutorials for each separate topic, I would advise you to stick to a single tutorial that explains Data Science as a whole through various modules in a proper sequence so you don’t get confused. So, when you are studying a particular topic, you can branch out and read up on it extensively from all the other materials. This way, you don’t lose track of the topics that need to be covered.

Here is a YouTube playlist curated by Intellipaat that covers in-depth on the Data Science domain - 

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Below is another comprehensive tutorial for Machine Learning:

Additionally, Intellipaat has a blog on the 25 Best Online Resources To Learn Data Science for free. This blog lists all of the websites that offer free resources and downloadable materials online as well as the communities that you can join. 

As much as self-learning is quite doable, at one point it is smart to turn to experts for help. This is where training institutes come into the picture. Expert advice is really crucial to really understand the ins and outs of the domain. These experts are seasoned professionals and can help you through their own experiences and tips. 

Intellipaat has a carefully curated Data Science online course and a Machine Learning online course. Make sure to consult the course advisors at Intellipaat to find out which training will be suitable for you. The courses offer 24/7 learning support, the opportunity to work on real-time industrial projects, as well as placement assistance

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