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Could someone tell me how to pursue a career in Data Science/ Analytics?

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Aspiring Data Scientists and Data Analysts such as yourself can easily start preparing by self-learning the fundamentals. Everything you need to know about the domain is readily available on the internet. You can start by learning programming in Python which is an easy language to pick up. If you are good with statistics and mathematics, you will do great. Even if you have never ventured in this direction before, you will find excellent help online through tutorials, blogs, and reading materials. 

Go through the following topics when you have the time:

  • Programming in Python

  • R programming

  • Statistics

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Big Data Hadoop

  • SQL Database/Coding

  • Apache Spark

  • Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra

  • Unstructured Data 

  • Data Visualization & Communication

Once you have covered the fundamentals of Data Science and Data Analytics, you can consider getting a certification as that will help you during job interviews. There are courses and training programs that are specifically designed for beginners. Check out Intellipaat’s Data Science course and Data Analytics Course, which are carefully curated by industry experts and offer placement assistance as well.

Meanwhile, you can start learning about Data Science here: 

Here is another video to learn Data Analytics:

Once you have gone through the tutorials and other resources, you will be absolutely ready to enroll in a certification course. If you would like to know more details about the courses, you can reach out to the Intellipaat course advisors. They will help you find a suitable training program for you.

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