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Could someone tell me how to pursue data science in India?

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Data Science is a multidisciplinary domain, which is the result of the intersection of various disciplines like, Math, statistics, computer science, machine learning, software development, business analytics, business, etc. And the demand for qualified data science professionals is surging very high because there are not many qualified candidates out there. And it is the problem in every country and industry. And India is no different, in that aspect.

So, if you wish to pursue in India, then you have several options, as India also has a higher need for professionals from Data Science background. You could go for obtaining a degree in math, statistics, computer science, engineering, economics, etc. from various universities and institutes like, ISI (Indian Statistical Institute), Delhi University, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, ISB (Indian School of Business), SP Jain School of global management, etc. Some colleges offer only UG or PG and some of them both. But if you wish not to spend so much time on academics, or if you are working and couldn’t afford the time or financially, then you could always resort to premier and popular e-learning institutes like Intellipaat, which offers you Data Science training courses which offer you 42hrs of instructor-led training with 56hrs of project work and exercises to help you build the required practical skills.

If you wish to know more, check out the Data Science course video from our experts.

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