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- For reaching out to new customers and users that share the behavior and characteristics of your remarketing audience segments

-To find out your loyal customers and expand the reach to those that resemble your customers

-To reach people, based on advanced demographic criteria

-To reach people who have already engaged with your website in the past

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The correct answer is, option (4): To reach people who have already engaged with your website in the past. Because Remarketing is essentially a marketing tactic that helps in reminding your viewer or user to revert back to your website to complete the left-out activity in the website, or to continue engagement with your posts, etc. Want to learn these digital marketing strategies and other tactics that help you in becoming a successful digital marketer? Then I would recommend you to enroll in a Digital Marketing programs from Intellipaat. As they offer industry-based guided projects to help you gain the necessary practical skills needed to ace an interview. Also, have a look at our YouTube video on Digital Marketing Course to get your fundamentals correct.

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