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Is it possible to become a data scientist without coding knowledge? Can a non-engineer become a data scientist?

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Data Science requires skills in a lot of areas and coding is one. Coding is required in three of the phases of a Data Science project viz. data preparation, model planning, and model building. However, coding is not the only prerequisite to pursue Data Science. The coding bit acts as a support system. You can be skilled at statistics or mathematics as well and you could still become a Data Scientist. 

Among all the programming languages, Python is the most widely used and it is a very easy language to learn. So even if you are not familiar with coding at all, you can start learning Python. As a matter of fact, Intellipaat offers a FREE foundation course on Python for Data Science if you are interested to learn. 

Here is a list of other skills you can consider learning: 

  • Machine Learning and AI

  • Big Data Hadoop

  • R programming

  • Unstructured Data 

  • SQL Database/Coding

  • Apache Spark

  • Statistics

  • Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra

  • Data Visualization & Communication

There are also all-inclusive training courses available online that cover all the necessary skills for Data Science from scratch. Intellipaat’s Data Science online course has been curated for Data Science aspirants and is in collaboration with IBM. Data Science requires rigorous training and practice in diverse projects. Intellipaat offers that opportunity for learners to gain hands-on experience through several real-time projects and practical assignments. This familiarizes them with real-industry problems. So, if you are passionate about Data Science, you can reach out to the course advisors and see which training is suitable for you. 

Meanwhile, you can also check out this free Data Science course:

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