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Could someone tell me how important is machine learning when it comes to Data Science?

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Machine Learning plays a key role in Artificial Intelligence and enables computers to self-learn mode with no explicit programming. The computers are able to learn, adapt, and develop on their own solely through the data that is fed into them. The concept of quickly and automatically performing mathematical calculations on big data is now becoming more popular even though Machine Learning isn’t a very new idea.

Data Science needs these applications and capabilities that Machine Learning brings to the table. Its high-value predictions result in better decision-making instantaneously with no need for human intervention. Machine Learning can help analyze gargantuan datasets through its automation making the job of a Data Scientist so much easier. To kick-start your career and be an expert in the area of Data Science I would strongly recommend you to go with Intellipaat's Data Science Online Course in Collaboration with IIT Madras.

Machine Learning techniques that introduce automated sets of the typical statistical methods have optimized data extraction and interpretation. However, Machine Learning will be rendered useless if there is no data to work with as there will be nothing to learn from. Machine Learning is only good as the data it gets and the algorithms consume. So, both Data Science and Machine Learning have to work in conjunction to be of any substantial value.

Data Science doesn't possess the reasoning behind why things work as well as the capability to come up with solutions for non-standard problems, which is what Machine Learning aids in.

Explore the Machine Learning algorithms for Data Science.

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