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Could anyone share your source of machine learning and data science news and also why you chose that source?

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There are plenty of resources that are on the internet for all the latest tech news and the best part is they are all free, which is why it's the best way to stay informed. Below is a list of popular websites for all the latest updates on Data Science and Machine Learning that are great to keep yourself updated in the Data Science world.

  • Data Elixir - covers the best picks in Data Science, machine learning, analytics, data visualization, and strategy

  • KDnuggets News - an award-winning site that features all the top updates on Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, AI, Analytics, Data Mining, etc.

  • The Data Science Roundup -  This online newsletter published by Tristan Handy has had 190+ issues and boasts 11,061 subscribers 

  • Data Science Weekly - This weekly newsletter featuring curated news, articles, and jobs related to Data Science is totally free for readers who like to stay updated in the domain

  • O'Reilly Data Newsletter - publishes Data Science news and insights every week

  • The Analytics Dispatch -  this newsletter posts regular selections of the best Data Science news and articles

  • Dataquest - publishes the latest news in the tech business including Data Science

  • Data Science Weekly - features curated articles, news, and job opportunities related to Data Science every Thursday

If you want to know more about how you can access free resources and materials, Intellipaat has a blog on the 25 Best Resources To Learn Data Science. Feel free to check it out!

Here is a video on how to learn Data Science smartly and for free

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