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I am having a sentence like this

I   have    too          much   space
123    big gap     456
asdfg   2z1xc2 

and I want to use white spaces between the text and How can I do this?

I have too much space
123 big gap 456 
asdfg 2z1xc2 . 

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In query editor look at this function

(text as text, optional char_to_trim as text) =>
    char = if char_to_trim = null then " " else char_to_trim,
    split = Text.Split(text, char),
    removeblanks = List.Select(split, each _ <> ""),
    result = Text.Combine(removeblanks, char)

Check out the Power BI tutorial for more reference

Get an introduction to Power Bi from the below video: 


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