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Could someone tell me what is the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing?

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Digital Marketing is the marketing using Digital platforms rather than relying on physical marketing which is considered as the conventional form of marketing. Whereas, Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing, which is concerned with marketing in Social Media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. using the internet. Without the internet, there can’t be any Social Media Marketing, but Digital Marketing could still be done.

That is the basic difference between the two forms of marketing, actually, Digital Marketing is the umbrella term, which consists of all forms of marketing that use digital mediums. So, if you have set an eye on this domain to break into, I would hugely recommend you to validate your knowledge by enrolling in good Digital Marketing course to help you become skilled. And I would like you to watch Social Media Marketing tutorial for beginners, to help you get started from the basics.

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