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I'm doing programming for everyone. Python assignment 3.1 

Write a program to prompt the user for hours and rate per hour using input to compute gross pay. Pay the hourly rate for the hours up to 40 and 1.5 times the hourly rate for all hours worked above 40 hours. Use 45 hours and a rate of 10.50 per hour to test the program (the pay should be 498.75).

You should use input to read a string and float() to convert the string to a number. Do not worry about error checking the user input - assume the user types numbers properly.

h = float(input("Enter Hours:"))

basic_rate = 10.50

if h <=40:

   pay = h * basic_rate

elif h > 40:

   pay = 40* basic_rate + (h-40)*1.5*basic_rate


   print ('wrong parameter') 

print (pay)

It actually throws an error - You should peruse the data utilizing input() and afterward convert it.

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The issue is by all accounts that you are utilizing 10.50 straightforwardly in a variable without asking the client for the input. You can attempt this

hrs = int(input('Hours: '))

rate = float(input('Rate/Hour: '))

if hrs <= 40:

pay = hrs * rate

if hrs > 40:

    a = hrs - 40

    b = rate * 1.5

    c = a * b

    pay = float(40 * rate + c)


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