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I utilize the accompanying code in Python (with pyodbc for a MS-Access base). 

cursor.execute("select a from tbl where b=? and c=?", (x, y))

It's Ok at the same time, for support/maintenance purposes, I need to realize the total and precise SQL string sends to the information database. 

Is it conceivable and how?

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It actually diifers by the driver.

Look at the below two examples:

import MySQLdb

mc = MySQLdb.connect()

r = mc.cursor()

r.execute('select %s, %s', ("foo", 2))


"select 'foo', 2"

import psycopg2

pc = psycopg2.connect()

r = pc.cursor()

r.execute('select %s, %s', ('foo', 2))


"select E'foo', 2"

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