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I was trying to convert a list into a string by iterating into it using the below code:

var temp = $.each(value, function(idx2,val2) {                    

     var str = idx2 + ":" + val2;


     return str;

}).get().join(", "); 

Can anyone help me what is wrong in this code?

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Basically, if you have added the value as an associative array, then this code would works:

var value = { "aaa": "111", "bbb": "222", "ccc": "333" };

var temp = [];

$.each(value, function(idx2,val2) {                    

  var str = idx2 + ":" + val2;



console.log(temp.join(", "));

Also, each() function can only help you to iterate over an array.

I hope this will help.

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