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Could someone tell me whether Stock Prices be predicted?

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Stock Prices have been for long the major point for prediction. As many people want to remain profitable with their investments with minimal risks. People who invest in Stock Market, don’t want to reduce their profit margin in any situation whatsoever condition. So, they try every possible way to predict the future Stock Prices to stay afloat. AI is one such technology that nowadays Stock Marketers are using to predict Stock prices well in advance. But owing to the unpredictability of the Stock Market, it's very difficult to predict the stock prices in advance. Because the factors which predict the Stock Market Price is very large, and it’s under no one’s control. It’s the unpredictability because of the very wide. So, in short, you cannot predict Stock Market Prices, maybe with time you may able to predict correctly but as of now, there is no model that could predict accurately in the long run. If you wish to learn Artificial Intelligence, then check out the Artificial Intelligence course, from Intellipaat. Also, watch our YouTube video on Artificial Intelligence Project to get started.

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