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Could someone tell me whether Big Data Analytics involves coding?

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Big Data Analytics is all about sifting through a very large pile of data or Big Data, by analyzing them, to extract meaningful information, trends, and patterns, to help organizations, make informed business decisions. Big Data Analytics is a very trending domain, for which you need to have certain skillsets like Coding, Statistics, and Math, etc. You need to have sound-knowledge in programming languages like Python, R, Java, or C++, because you should be able to code to perform, numerical and statistical analysis with the Big Data.

If you wish to become a Big Data Analyst, then check out the Data Analytics courses, from Intellipaat. This course offers you good quality instructor-led training, along with guided projects that are designed to enhance your practical skills. If you are a beginner in this domain, then I would suggest you first watch the following YouTube video on Data Analytics for Beginners.

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