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Could someone tell me how could Accountants use Data Analytics to improve business processes?

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Data Analytics is driving growth in today’s world in nearly every industry that has realized the importance of the Data and the effect it could have if correct actionable insights could be harnessed from it. The finance industry was one of the first few to have jumped into this domain to extract maximum meaningful information to drive efficiency and growth. Accountants use Data Analytics to not only improve business processes but also to drive  growth and increase the profit margin. They use the techniques of Data Analytics to improvise their processes by finding out their bottlenecks, improve processes, uncover financial insights, for better management and increased efficiency within their systems. If you wish to learn more about Data Analytics and want to get certified in it then check out the Data Analytics course, from Intellipaat. If you are a novice in Data Analytics, I highly suggest you check out the following video on Data Analytics Training.

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