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I am having a formula which takes a table and converts montly count of distinct customers:

Active Publishers =
DISTINCTCOUNT( 'Net Revenue Data'[Publisher Name] ),
'Net Revenue Data'[Active Month] = 1)

enter image description hereamd created a formula which takes Month-over-Month trend which looks like this

enter image description here

and formula for this is

Net Change = 'Net Revenue Data'[Active Publishers] - 
CALCULATE('Net Revenue Data'[Active Publishers], 
PREVIOUSMONTH('Net Revenue Data'[Date (Month)]))

How to create a measure which shows monthly variance of the 'DistinctCountActiveMonths' 

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Use the following measures

LM Active Pubs = CALCULATE([Active Pubs],DATEADD('Net Rev 09-14'[Date],-1,MONTH))

Change in Active Pubs = [Active Pubs]-[LM Active Pubs]

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