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I need to know how Python interactive mode functions. Typically when you execute Python content on CPython it will go box the cycle of lexical investigation, parsing, gets accumulated into .pyc document, lastly the .pyc record is deciphered.

Does this 4-step measure occur while utilizing interactive mode likewise, r is there a more effective method of executing?

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Python has two fundamental modes: Interactive and normal. The normal mode is the mode where the scripted and completed .py documents are executed in the Python interpreter. Whereas, Intractive mode is a command-line shell that gives prompt criticism for every assertion while running recently took care of statements in dynamic memory. As new lines are taken care of into the interpreter, the fed program is assessed both to some extent and in its entirety.

The equivalent happens with the .cpy documents. The Interactive mode fundamentally doing the whole cycle for each line. I exceptionally question that there's a more productive approach to do as such. 

The iPython journal works along these lines.

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