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Could someone tell me what does a Business Analyst do in a banking financial services sector?

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Business Analysts’ work largely remains the same, in any industry they work in. That is to process large amounts of data for gaining meaningful insights, and that could help in a better decision-making process to increase growth margin and pave for higher productivity and efficiency in the organization they are working in. Business Analyst in Banking domain, has several jobs to take care of and they are:

Analyze Banking transactions, examining loan and credit applications, confirm compliance with banking regulations, and ensure financing arrangements for clients, etc. And there are many such tasks that are company and organization-specific, and depend on a lot of factors like, job locations, work experience, skill sets, etc. If you wish to get trained in Business Analytics, enroll in the Business Analyst Certification course, from Intellipaat. Also, check out the following video on Business Analyst training from domain-experts and get started.

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