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Could someone tell me what is Natural Language Processing with Python?

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Natural Language Processing is all about making the machines understand unstructured data like human voice or language, and work accordingly by mimicking the human capabilities. Now Natural Language Processing or NLP could be learned using a programming language, as they contain several libraries that could be the stepping stone towards understanding the concepts of NLP. In this regard, the best programming language for NLP would be Python. As Python has fantastic libraries like NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), RE (Regular Expression), etc.

If you are searching for a good NLP certification, then I would highly recommend you to enroll in Intellipaat’s NLP course, which is a certified course, that teaches you with many concepts like Text Processing, Text Classification, Sentence Structure, Sequence Tagging, POS tagging, Tokenization, Lemmatization, and much more concepts that will help you understand the NLP in-depth to enhance your job prospects through 20hrs of instructor-led training accompanied with 40hrs of Project Work and exercises. Learn more by watching the following video on Natural Language Processing to get started.

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