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Could someone tell me whether Affiliate Marketing is profitable?

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This is a tricky question because it cannot be said with certainty that Affiliate Marketing is profitable. For successful, it is much more than profitable, and with experience, they are making it the sole source of income too. Well, setting aside the numbers, if you are persistent and skilled you could earn a hefty cheque on a consistent basis, but if you are not, then the chances of success are very slim because the competition is too fierce in this field. So, to survive and make yourself profitable, you need to be competent and skillful in what you do. And this serves in all the domains and not only in Affiliate Marketing.

So, be very sure before entering the Affiliate Marketing domain, because it is not a typical 9-5 job that you would find very easy and comfortable to earn money. Bear in mind that it would take much time before you start making money through Affiliate Marketing. If you are new to Digital Marketing, then check out the Digital Marketing training course from Intellipaat and watch the video on Affiliate Marketing Meaning to get yourself started.

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