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Could someone tell me the difference between CCBA and CBAP?

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To start off, both these exams are for experienced Business Analysts. Even though they are for similar professionals but have many differences. Let us discuss the differences between them:

  1. CBAP is considered harder than CCBA, and thus if you are CBAP certified, adds more prestige than being CCBA certified.
  2. The requirements are again different for both. As CBAP requires you to have 7500 hours in the last 10 years in Business Analysis. Wherein, you must have 900 hours completed for each of the 4 out of the total 6 knowledge areas as determined by the BABOK Guide. Whereas for CCBA requires you to have 3750 hours of work experience required in the last 7 years, and this includes 900 hours each for 2 out 6 knowledge areas determined by the BABOK Guide.

If you wish to know more about CBAP, and probably wish to get certified in it, then have a look at Intellipaat’s CBAP certification course. If you are just starting out, then watch the following video on Certified Business Analysis Professional.

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