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Could someone with experience in these new-age technologies clear my doubt on whether it is advantageous to use Machine Learning Algorithms over Deep Learning methods?

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To get a clear understanding of the more advantageous method when it comes to solving various business problems, it mainly comes down to the applications of the Machine Learning algorithms and Deep Learning methods. There are situations where Deep Learning proves to be more beneficial whereas, in some cases, traditional Machine Learning algorithms can be more useful.

One of the instances where Deep Learning methods can be used rather than regular Machine Learning techniques and algorithms is in Image Classification. Here, a large amount of computing power is used and only Deep Learning techniques can help you get rid of all the problems by using its computing capabilities. However, when there is a large volume of data that can be used to train algorithms, Machine Learning methods can be useful. These algorithms learn and keep making improvements in themselves to cope up with the problems and solve them.

Deep Learning technology is mostly preferred only because it offers the best outcomes for today’s business problems, such as semantic language understanding, image classification, and more. In the coming years, if there are business issues that are more complex to solve, some other methods and techniques can take over and bring about a revolution in the world. Therefore, the choice of methods can be done based on the type of problems.

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