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Could someone tell me what are some of the most important Machine Learning topics one should study?

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Some of the important Machine Learning topics that you must learn and master to become an expert in this technology are as follows:

  • Supervised Learning: It is a Machine Learning technique that allows systems to learn the mapping function of inputs and outputs using labeled data. Algorithms using this technique analyze the given training data to create inferred functions that can further be used as another training data set.
  • Unsupervised Learning: It is a process of Machine learning that fans knowledge from data sets that involve input data with no labeled response. Its main aim is to model the data to learn more about it.
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN): Neural Networks or Artificial Neural Networks are inspired by the neural networking system of humans. It allows systems to learn and gain insights through observational data. The overall architecture of ANN is inspired by the biological paradigm that makes it possible for systems to learn and become more useful than the regular Machine Learning model.
  • Back-propagation: Back-propagation is a Neural Network module that helps networks in adjusting their numerous hidden neuron layers in cases where the results are different than the predicted ones.
  • Deep Learning: It is a part of Machine Learning that deals with several neural networking layers that are stacked together to build a large network that helps in mapping input and output data. Moreover, it helps the network to use several features till it finds the one that can be useful.

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