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Could someone tell me what excites you about the future of Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially in the past few years, and every other big technical company is associated with AI somehow, no matter if they are using or producing it. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, they are all competing to dominate the entire AI market. This shows that such big companies are invested in the future of AI, then I think the possibilities are very high for its future trend.

Try try to think how much AI will upgrade in the future regarding medicine, business, automobile industry and much more. All of the dangerous jobs will be taken over by AI, and the space movies or series we watch on the TV will become reality through AI

If I tell you personally, I am very much excited about Space exploration, but improvement in the terms of medicine too. In future, with the help of these machines, we will have the answer to the most difficult questions around the world.

AI will change the entire game of the business through its machine in all sectors such as IT, construction, financial, medicines etc.

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