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Could someone describe various applications of Artificial Intelligence?

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From google searches to nearby food restaurants shown in your phone, everything is AI. It is everywhere and we use it daily without even knowing. Here some of the examples

  • Difficult surgeries, rescue during disaster, fire-fighting, pipe inspection, bomb disposal, exploration of dangerous/unknown environments are these days done by AI machines or robots.

  • From self driving cars to Metro, everywhere AI is there.

  • Banks are using artificial intelligence systems to organize operations, invest in stocks and manage properties. 

  • Computer-aided interpretation of medical images, Heart sound analysis etc. in hospitals is all AI.

  • AI is helping students with learning disabilities to provide them with the best resources.

  • US tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are completing shifting on AI. 

  • AI is used in security from sensors to biometrics etc

  • Online Customer Support in e-commerce websites is set through AI.

  • Most of all smartphone is an example of AI which is being used daily.

We have to build AI for the solution of problems, like cancer, global warming or pandemics.

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